Monday, July 24, 2006

Five Things.....

Tag, I'm it! Compliments of Susan in Italy

Five Things in my Freezer

1. A jar of freshly frozen basil
2. Half a baguette
3. Soft scoop ice-cream
4. Frozen peas
5. Ice cubes of course

Five Things in my Closet

1. 5 pairs of flip flops
2. Tiger - my scraggy old toy that I've had since I was 4
3. A photo album of Australia
4. My massive winter parka that takes up half of the wardrobe
5. Football shirts - Italy/Arsenal

Five Things in my Car

I don't have one, hurrah!

Five Things in my Purse (I think this means handbag - if a purse is a handbag in the US, then what's a purse?)

1. Foldable hairbrush
2. Lip gloss
3. Keys
4. Random bits of useless paper/receipts
5. My purse (Susan has a purse within a purse)

And the Lucky Five .........

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2. Hang the DJ at oohisay
3. Martha at Notions on Being
4. Red at Red-Letter Day
5. Spangly Princess at er, Spangly Princess


wrinkled weasel said...

Well you have to have the frozen peas - essential if you accidentally chop an organ off.

As for Basil - I am up to my....ears in basil right now. How do you freeze it?

Red said...

What am I doing at my computer at 23.57? Doing your Five Things list, that's what! How splendidly in the ball, eh?

Wuching said...

u dun have a car? good for the environment! :)

the cappuccino kid said...

purse=pocket book. i think. dunno. you give these people a language.......

joking of course.

a.c.t said...

Weasel, frozen vegetables are always good for minor injuries, but I'm not so sure that even a bag of peas good stem the flow of a severed limb. The basil is easy: pick it, wash it, put in a jar and stick it in the freezer. I generally only use it for pasta sauce though, not so good for fresh things like Caprese as it tends to break up. It does retain its flavour though.
Red, it's too hot to sleep anyway, so what better things to do than compile lists until the early hours.
Wuchung, I don't have a car because I live in London so the transport is good. It's really nice not to have one, but I might have to one day.
Cap Kid, I know, silly isn't it? My favourite one is 'fanny' which of course means something completely different. Mind you, our American friends probably think that some of our language is ridiculous as well.

Susan in Italy said...

Hi a.c.t., Two thumbs up on the carlessness! I too will probably need one in the future but for the moment, I retain the right to self-righteously gloat over any gas (oh, sorry, petrol ;)] guzzler.

Now I'm even more confused: purse, handbag, pocketbook. I would call the thing you carry your 5 things in a purse and the thing that holds only coins, a coin purse or a change purse. For me a pocketbook would be synonimous with wallet (for holding coins, paper money and credit cards) but marketed toward women. What do you call these things? (You don't actually have to answer this if it seems too much of a quagmire)

Now about funny British words, not many, but one comes to mind: "to fancy" someone. That's about the most unsexy way I could think of to refer to "having the hots" for somebody :) (Absolutely joking with lots of respect for British English in all its forms).

* (asterisk) said...

I did mine!

a.c.t said...

Susan, we call a man's thing to carry money 'wallet' and a woman's thing to carry money a 'purse'. USA 'purse' is a handbag. To me, fancying someone sounds like the normalest thing (it was said a lot when I was at school) and having the hots sounds comical (also having the upmost respect for all things American). Actually it sounds pretty normal in movies but a bit strange said in real life.

Hey * I'm coming over to check it out.

Susan in Italy said...

He he! People usually refered to "having the hots" when they were making fun of a friend with a crush on someone. In high school, we used "like" can you imagine a less expressive word? Saying "I like X" would often ellicit requests for clarification: "Do you mean you "like him" like him or that you just like him?" Good lord!

Adam said...

I really want to see Chapelle's block party, and as for purses and whatnot:

Purse is often used to describe a handbag, within that handbag is often a pocketbook or wallet, which holds the lady's credit cards, money, etc etc.

Martha Elaine Belden said...

where've you wandered off to??

missing you!!

Spangly Princess said...

everything ok missus? hope you're enjoying your holiday or whatever it is you're up to, look forward to hearing from you here once you're back

hangthedj said...

I will do this later...I have to go the doctors now!