Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Good Karma?

I wore my Italy shirt for the first time in the tournament yesterday and I was scared I'd brought them bad luck. As the end of the game neared, I really thought I'd jinxed them until Grosso won a penalty and I breathed a sigh of relief.

I love this shirt. It's by far the classiest design and it's the one the Azzurri wore in the world cup in 2002 when they lost unfairly to South Korea, then coached by Guus Hiddink.

Guus Hiddink is now the coach of Australia and according to him, "If you see the replay, there is no doubt (Grosso's fall) wasn't a penalty." Really?

Remember this?

What goes around, comes around.


Red said...

That shirt you’ve got is pure class, much better than the one they have this year, which looks like it’s got two dirty streaks around the armpits.

I knew I’d seen Guus Hiddink before... Of course, South Korea 2002 and Mr Moreno. If there was ever justification in calling a referee “cornuto”, that man would be it!

martinobhoy said...


I'm keeping my shirt for the Final!

Loved seeing Hiddink getting his comeuppance. That game against South Korea 4 years ago and the shocking refereeing is still very fresh in the memory.

a.c.t said...

Red, when I first saw the team I thought they all had severe underarm sweat problems.
Martinobhoy, perhaps I should put my shirt away until the final too if it means scoring within normal time.

Spangly Princess said...

this year's shirt is vile, I loathe it. I too have the 2002 one, though it is grossly unflattering, I must say.